Little Norway are I, Kitty, who is Norwegian, and my husband, Ovi, who is Romanian. About 8 years ago I suggested moving to Romania, an wild idea! And so it became. Ovi is also a Norwegian citizen and has lived in Norway for many years, he is also known as the artist Ovi and is perhaps best known for the third place in 2010 in Eurovsion as he won with Paula Seling. Now we live together with our two boys just north of Bucharest. 

Why wool? Active children are happy children, and therefore we want to share our passion and wool knowledge with all parents and other active and less active people who do not like to freeze. I'm obviously raised with wool and me and the rest of the family uses wool every day more than half a year. In fact, wool socks and wool sweaters are often used on cool summer evenings.  

We know that no other fibers can be measured with wool. In terms of heat, our body produces heat as soon as we move. But we also produce moisture, and moisture leads heat. This means that when the clothes become moist, they do not isolate and we become cold. Wool has three qualities that makes s difference: It can absorb a lot of moisture without feeling wet and without directing away the heat. Wool also releases heat when it absorbs moisture. And finally, the curly shape of the fibers makes room for air and air is important when it comes to insulation. Then, of course, you need to provide more layers, which are wind and waterproof. Wool works badly alone, it needs other isolating layers outside – excep during summer time, because it's so airy.