The Janus factory has been manufacturing underwear since 1895 and has accumulated unique skills throughout generations, especially on wool underwear. 

It seams that many parents are using wool on their babies all the year, even in southern parts of Europe where the climate is warm, because of the merino wool qualities. In addition to keeping the baby warm, the wool fibers absorb moisture without the skin feeling damp.  Merino wool on the skin regulates the baby's temperature in a completely unique way. Cotton, on the other hand, attracts moisture, and the child becomes damp and can start to freeze.

Children change quickly between activity and rest, and often becomes wet or clammy, either from the inside or the outside. Children are also exposed to temperature fluctuations. Babies are taken up from a warm bed, they are pushed out and into hot stores. Larger children are active for a while and then sit still and play. If the child becomes sweaty or wet, the wool causes the skin to dry again and does not get cold. We adults are quick to dress off or on as we freeze or get too hot, something that children do not. With woolen clothes next to the body, the child avoids becoming damp and cooled. Keep your body dry and the temperature steady. 

Our experience is also that wool-dressed children get less frequent respiratory infections. It is becoming more and more that it is good care to dress the baby in clothes made of soft merino wool. The wool fibers ensure that the body temperature is regulated in a unique way.