Janus factory has been manufacturing underwear since 1895 and has accumulated unique skills throughout generations, especially on wool underwear. 

The clothes are made from the finest wool, produced in the modern factory next door. Janus is one of the largest and oldest knitwear factories in Europe that is still in operation. 

The factory is located at Espeland outside Bergen, west of Norway. From the very beginning of 1895, the factory buildings today represent an area of ​​over 20,000 square meters. The old wooden building from 1895, which gave room for the entire factory in the first years, is now also completely renovated and now serves as a cultural center.  

The factory outlet is in the original part of the factory, which was built in wood. The building is from 1895. Janus is naturally and idyllically located by a river. When you visit Janus you can feel the spirit of living, Norwegian textile industry.

Janus - safe against the skin  

Did you know that many of the clothes you wear may contain substances that are dangerous to you? Janus is the brand you should choose if you are looking for garments labeled with OEKO-TEX®. Since 1895, we have produced contemporary clothing for ladies, gentlemen, children and babies. On the road from raw material to finished clothing, the fabric goes through a number of processes. The causes are many: the clothes should be clean, the color should not be contaminated, the color should be bright and the quality should feel good to the skin. If you purchase clothes from Janus, you are confident that it is not dangerous for you to wear your clothes. 

You should also be assured that nature does not bother you during the production of the clothes you buy. As a Norwegian textile manufacturer, the Janus factory is subject to strict requirements from the public to what colors and aids we can use when making underwear for you. During the year, emissions to air and water are checked. All our suppliers are required to prepare the MSDS for their deliveries to Janus. As a Norwegian factory, Janus must be able to document to the authorities what and how much we use in our production of the various dyes and aids. Janus is approved by the international STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. That is, our products are guaranteed free of all harmful substances like heavy metals and formaldehyde. You can therefore be safe when you are wearing your new Janus garment.

Janus against mulesing  

Janus buys wool which is non mulesing. Janus has demanded - and received - confirmations from its yarn suppliers that ensure that the wool purchases come from suppliers who do not practice this kind of action against the merino sauce. Wool should be good not only for humans but also for the sheep. The Janus factory also supports the work of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal Inc (PETA) to stop the practice of mulesing.